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Inner Fiction Writer Awakening

A while back in this blog I started experimenting with writing fiction. I completed a series of writing challenges in an attempt to get more practice in writing. You can click on the “Fiction” or “Writing Prompts” categories to read … Continue reading

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Y’all Ready for This?

Is there a forum where I can be artistically angry? I mean sure, I could write bad poetry (I have, and you’ll never ever see it), I could paint with total lack of skill, using a lot of reds and … Continue reading

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The Psychiatrist’s Waiting Room

I signed in for my appointment 10 minutes early, as usual. I paid my copay and high fived myself for having medical insurance. I took a seat in one of the modern looking but surprisingly flimsy plastic chairs in the … Continue reading

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Some Dark Fiction Comes Out of Me Sometimes

I just found this short story that I wrote earlier this year. I have very little memory of writing it, so reading it was an interesting experience. My first thought was, “That was kind of good…and really dark…” followed by, “How … Continue reading

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March is Victory Month

February is drawing to a close before our very eyes, and I feel like a new month is a good time to celebrate life. People like myself who are prone to depression, find it very easy to focus on only … Continue reading

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Writer Spotlight: The Bloggess

I hope we all know that depression tells us lies, and the lower we feel, the stronger the lies become. Depression will tell us that we are worthless, we are alone, we are ineffective, our lives don’t have purpose, and … Continue reading

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I found a writing prompt on the ValSox blog which was a challenge from her first improv class instructor.  “What’s one (or 10) things you wouldn’t mind sharing with the world; things you may have been embarrassed to admit in … Continue reading

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