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Guest Blogger Katie: Coming Out of the Closet- For the Second Time

Katie is another relatively new friend of mine from Real Life who tore up some animal hospital night shifts with me for the past several months. She has an affinity for Queen, energy drinks, Indian food, and Jimmy John’s employees, … Continue reading

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Today my limbs felt like they were full of lead. I woke up, which, in and of itself was disappointing, and I knew I was going to have a dark day ahead of me. Sometimes you just know. Today simple … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Keeme: Coping 101

Keeme (pronounced “KEY-mee”) is an online buddy for the past ten years. I was working at a Hummer dealership (the vehicle…get your minds out of the gutter) in 2004 and blogging about it daily – you wouldn’t believe the amount … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Laughing

I’m going to play my own guest blogger tonight. I have been reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, an amazing writer who teaches writing classes in California and basically wrote down everything she knows about how to write. While … Continue reading

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I Measure Victory in Sunlight

I have been working the overnight shift at the animal hospital 3-4 nights a week for just over a year, and while I love what I do, the schedule has been wreaking havoc on all facets of my being. The lack … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger DysthymiaBree: On Surviving Life’s Ambushes

DysthymiaBree is a new friend from the blogging world. She writes about mental illness in an honest, inspiring, and often funny way over at DysthymiaBree.com. Among other things she writes a “Mental Health Alphabet” where each post is a letter … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Leigh Ann: On Death and the Fragile Nature of Life

Leigh Ann is a good friend and coworker of mine at the animal hospital. She’s one of the strongest people I know. She is a self-proclaimed “person who comes home each day reeking of dog feces, or cat urine, and … Continue reading

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