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10 Tips From a Rookie DIYer

I have become a self-proclaimed home makeover enthusiast. I am jumping into the world of DIY projects with both feet because I recently found myself with some time on my hands. A few weeks ago I lost my job. Shortly … Continue reading

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My Cover Letter, if I Told the Truth

Dear Hiring Manager, I was excited to see your ad on [Job Database], and I am very interested in the available position of [Vacant Job Title]. I have an extensive employment history during which I gained many valuable skills that would … Continue reading

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My Dreams Are Like Little Golden Books on Acid

I tend to have very vivid dreams, and I remember every detail of them. I remember the color of everything in the background, the number of stairs there were, everyone’s name even if I didn’t interact with them in the … Continue reading

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Those Fucking Little Pills

I’ve battled with depression and anxiety for over half of my life, and I have been writing about it off and on throughout my old blogs. One of the struggles and frustrations that has been constant throughout my life with … Continue reading

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What Not to Say to a Depression Sufferer

I’ve been suffering from a dysfunctional cocktail of brain chemicals, otherwise known as depression, since I was young.  Periodically I experience severe episodes of depression that devastate my mood and render me barely functional.  They make me feel like I’m … Continue reading

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