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Yes Please, Thank You

I fell in love comedy long before I understood the concept of comedy. As a kid, the funny parts of life were the only ones that mattered to me. Nothing was too big to bear as long as I could still … Continue reading

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Unclench Your Face!

I saw the newest Bond film tonight, and I thought it was phenomenal.  I firmly believe that the Bonds’ tailors do not get enough credit for pouring these men into their suits so beautifully.  Nobody can outrun a fireball in … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Apologize for Being a Bitch

(originally written in 2010) I work for doctors, a few female doctors, but mostly male doctors. On a day like today, when I am working exclusively with the male doctors, trying to accomplish simple tasks becomes complicated and ultimately infuriating. I … Continue reading

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An Old Sex and the City Rant

(Originally written in 2010) I have never seen a full episode of Sex and the City, which puts me in the minority among my female and some of my gay male friends and peers. I don’t watch much television, and … Continue reading

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