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Inner Fiction Writer Awakening

A while back in this blog I started experimenting with writing fiction. I completed a series of writing challenges in an attempt to get more practice in writing. You can click on the “Fiction” or “Writing Prompts” categories to read … Continue reading

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Why Retail Employees Hate You

When I work in a customer service capacity, like I do at the retail job I do a few days a week, I like to play a game I made up called “Take the Assholes’ Money.” Whenever a customer comes … Continue reading

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Y’all Ready for This?

Is there a forum where I can be artistically angry? I mean sure, I could write bad poetry (I have, and you’ll never ever see it), I could paint with total lack of skill, using a lot of reds and … Continue reading

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Goodbye, You

I was driving through a neighborhood¬†where I had never been before, exploring. It was mere minutes from a bustling suburb but it was all horse stables and acreage and ancient farm houses. It had a more organic feel than the … Continue reading

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10 Tips From a Rookie DIYer

I have become a self-proclaimed home makeover enthusiast. I am jumping into the world of DIY projects with both feet because I recently found myself with some time on my hands. A few weeks ago I lost my job. Shortly … Continue reading

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I’m starting to believe that there are no psychiatric medications that can make me feel like myself again. Sure, they open neural pathways¬†and manipulate chemicals allowing for significantly improved brain function. And I’m not complaining at all about that. In … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Reactions

Everyone has a secret talent, and I am no exception. My secret talent is reacting to any given situation in the most inappropriate way imaginable. Attending a funeral? At some point I will find something hysterically funny and make a … Continue reading

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“I know you have cancer, and I am sorry. Really, I am. I thought I had cancer once, and it was awful. But look, your cancer is really starting to make it hard on everyone around you. You never want … Continue reading

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I Risked My Job for This?

This afternoon I went to the psychiatrist that I potentially risked my job to go to. I didn’t tell my boss about the appointment until an hour before I left. I tried to tell her via text, but she hadn’t … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Supposed to Be Back in This Tunnel

About a week ago I got a clear message from higher ups at my job. Without going into too much detail, it boiled down to them looking for ways to cut overall costs. I have had several weeks where I … Continue reading

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