Inner Fiction Writer Awakening

A while back in this blog I started experimenting with writing fiction. I completed a series of writing challenges in an attempt to get more practice in writing. You can click on the “Fiction” or “Writing Prompts” categories to read some of these efforts.

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing author Chuck Klosterman speak about his prolific writing career, writing both novels and essays about music, sports, and culture. At one point he stated that writing fiction is about making the content feel real whereas writing non-fiction is about making the content feel fictional. I have written both, though on a much much smaller scale, and this insight rings true. I want to be able to write both.

Like he did when I first started reading his essays about ten years ago, Chuck Klosterman inspired me to try to get better at writing. Since I haven’t really been writing at all, getting better hasn’t been a possibility. So doing it, spending time writing consistently every day, is my first step in challenging myself to be better. I’m running with the inspiration gleaned from Mr. Klosterman last night, focusing on fiction, and I’m going to write a story or two a week based on writing prompts found out in the internet wild.

I don’t promise that these stories will be any good, I only promise that they will be honest efforts. I will gladly accept notes or constructive criticism at any point as well, assuming there’s anyone left who still reads this blog. If you are here, reading this, thank you. I hope my writing practice can translate into some enjoyable stories, and even if they don’t prove to be enjoyable, know that I appreciate you reading them.


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