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Today I Became the Woman You Avoid in Public

I left the house today for the first time after a week of being sick. This sounds like a triumph, but wait, it gets better. Better? I mean slightly more gross. I was the woman who left the house with … Continue reading

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Spare Us the Cutter

I want to start out by saying that this post, while it might be uncomfortable, is not a cry for help. I do not need you to call the authorities, or my parents, or a paddy wagon. I do not … Continue reading

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The Unstable Self

I didn’t enjoy writing this one. At first I thought I just needed a break from writing fiction, and maybe I do. Maybe fiction isn’t what I need right now. But this writing prompt is obviously meant to elicit a … Continue reading

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The Psychiatrist’s Waiting Room

I signed in for my appointment 10 minutes early, as usual. I paid my copay and high fived myself for having medical insurance. I took a seat in one of the modern looking but surprisingly flimsy plastic chairs in the … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Us Buy You a New Finger

It’s always a nice feeling when management tells me that they are concerned about my safety and they don’t want me to get hurt. It gets slightly less warm and fuzzy when management says that the only reason they are putting … Continue reading

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Unreliable Third

These exercises in The 3am Epiphany are getting more difficult as they progress. My first thought when I read the prompt was of a soldier preparing for battle. Unreliable Third: Write a fragment of a story from the POV of … Continue reading

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The Goodbyes

I take care of animals in a specialty animal hospital. There is more collective education in specialty clinics, and we can often treat conditions that used to be death sentences. It’s amazing what we can do, but in reality, we … Continue reading

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