Missed Connections/Found Entertainment

We may not know each other very well yet, readers, but there is something I would like you to know about me:

I love to abuse Craigslist personal ads. Craigslist’s free-access-for-all lends a lot of power all kinds of people. It’s a power I choose to only use for humor and entertainment, even if it’s just my own. I periodically post fake Missed Connections ads across the country and then make my friends guess which ad is mine. It’s usually not hard to guess since mine are among the only ones written with proper grammar and use of commas.

My Missed Connections work (“work”) was once featured in a Dallas magazine Valentine issues’ montage of people looking for love via Craigslist personal ads. (Mine are My Heart Vomits and Sizzled Like Bacon, but there are several greats in that list.)

My latest effort can be seen here, and it is an homage to the art of writing in complete sentences. Someone should.

You are welcome to leave your city in the comments and I will leave a gem in your local Craigslist Missed Connections jungle for you to hunt.


About Allison Anarchy

I write because I have to
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