March is Victory Month

February is drawing to a close before our very eyes, and I feel like a new month is a good time to celebrate life. People like myself who are prone to depression, find it very easy to focus on only our weaknesses, or on the ways we have failed. We can forget to even acknowledge our successes, much less celebrate them. So I’m declaring March the month to celebrate our triumphs, big or small.

Associate it with March Madness, if you need a reason or a tie in (insert mental health quips here), but at, March is known as Victory Month.  I want to celebrate our personal victories – the small personal victories that no one sees but ourselves, the big, life changing victories that make us feel empowered every time we think about them, and the victories that scare the shit out of us.

Life often throws us situations that feel are too heavy/complicated/shitty to bear, and we can often feel trapped under the weight of it all. Then somehow we find ourselves fighting. We can’t always make our troubles disappear, but every time we find ourselves fighting back, there is a victory to celebrate. These are the victories I want to hear about and celebrate with you. The decisions to “fake it until you make it,” the things you accomplished when you defy all the odds, the times you decided to focus on the positive instead of letting the negative drag you down, the struggles you fought through and lived to tell the story about.

I want to celebrate that strength so we can inspire each other to keep fighting.

March is our time to shine – join me in finding strength and inspiration in these stories. I have guest bloggers lined up to share their victories stories during the month of March, so stay tuned! You don’t want to miss them! I will also be sharing my own stories, and I want to hear from you too! If you are interested in guest blogging here, e-mail me: laneydodson at gmail dot com

What are some of your personal victories?


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2 Responses to March is Victory Month

  1. valsox76 says:

    Proud to be a guest blogger (I’m off next week so will have plenty of time to write)

  2. laneydodson says:

    I’m excited and honored that you’re contributing! Your stories are very inspiring to me!

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