I Already Miss Cheese

I’ve been vegan for about 26 hours now, and I have already mourned the loss of cheesecake, craved chicken fried steak, and cried while saying goodbye to all of my thoughtless diabetes cheats/self medication media. I did also conquer two lifestyle change milestones:

  1. I cooked my first vegan meal from scratch.
  2. I navigated a restaurant experience while dining with a group of omnivores.

I went grocery shopping for the week yesterday, and found that with my vegan shopping list I was actually spending less than I do when I buy more packaged products and meats and cheeses. I’m on board with this vegan thing even more if it can save me money! I did a Google search for vegan recipes and found this great site (I love food with sass!) with this great recipe for Indian style lentils. I served it with spinach and naan, and it kicked a lot of ass.

I went to a family lunch at a taco place, not knowing what vegan options would be on the menu, if any, ahead of time. On the plus side, it was a trendy taco place, as opposed to just a taqueria, and there were a lot of choices. On the minus side, my only meatless options were mushroom or avocado, both of which are my enemies, and everything had cheese on it. I held all cheese products and opted for the mushrooms because they were fried and crispy, and I could pretend I wasn’t actually eating mushrooms. It was actually pretty good when I convinced my brain that I was definitely not eating mushrooms.

Don’t tell it I lied to it, ok?

It wasn’t the most healthy lunch, and I had a root beer with it, but there were no animal products present. Baby steps.

Seriously, though. The cheesecake. I want it badly, and I’m trying very hard not to whine about it.


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One Response to I Already Miss Cheese

  1. I’m 5 days in and I keep thinking about chessecake too, haha. I’m going to make a vegan one when I get the chance. (And hope if tastes like the real deal!!)

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