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Invisible Fat Victories: Kicking Off Victory Month Early*

I’ve mentioned recently that I have gained some weight over the past few months. I’m on several antidepressant medications that make me feel like a whale, and the depression itself has been helping me eat way more than a reasonable … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of a Wannabe

Hello, my name is Laney, and I am a wannabe.  There are a lot of things I want to be but never will be: a good dancer, able to draw,  a non-diabetic, coordinated enough to not hit my head on … Continue reading

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March is Victory Month

February is drawing to a close before our very eyes, and I feel like a new month is a good time to celebrate life. People like myself who are prone to depression, find it very easy to focus on only … Continue reading

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I Fought With a Dog’s Penis, and Eventually I Won

My job is difficult. I work as a veterinary technician in a small animal internal medicine specialty clinic, and despite what you might have heard about veterinary jobs consisting of “playing with puppies and kittens all day,” it is a … Continue reading

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Writer Spotlight: Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half

Those of us who suffer from depression can never have too many allies in the psychological war. Sometimes, though, we also need pictures. Let’s face it, life is better with visual aids, especially when they involve well meaning but mentally … Continue reading

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The Root of the Problem (See What I Did There?)

This morning I drank my last root beer. I know this as much as I knew that my last Diet Coke was my last Diet Coke three years ago, and I never looked back.

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My Dreams Are Like Little Golden Books on Acid

I tend to have very vivid dreams, and I remember every detail of them. I remember the color of everything in the background, the number of stairs there were, everyone’s name even if I didn’t interact with them in the … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to an appointment at my psychiatrist’s office to monitor my medications (they aren’t working!) and check my general life stress level (see previous parenthetical note and exclamation point!). I’ve been having trouble controlling my mood the past … Continue reading

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Writer Spotlight: The Bloggess

I hope we all know that depression tells us lies, and the lower we feel, the stronger the lies become. Depression will tell us that we are worthless, we are alone, we are ineffective, our lives don’t have purpose, and … Continue reading

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Taco Bell is Vegan, Right?

I can be honest with you guys, right? You seem like a fairly forgiving bunch. I mean I’m still getting a bunch of blog hits today despite my getting carried away with cats in drawers, so I will respect you … Continue reading

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