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Somebody Farted

I wasn’t going to post this work story because it’s so cliche that I was afraid it would be redundant.  I decided to post it anyway, but it’s just your typical veterinary clinic fart story.  So, you know when you’re … Continue reading

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The Necktie

Today’s prompt comes from The One Minute Writer: The Belt Buckle and the Necktie – However you want to use these 2 ingredients in your story; go for it!  I read this prompt and decided to tell a story based on … Continue reading

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Recess and a Lesson About Thievery

Today’s writing prompt comes from The One Minute Writer: Write about your school recess as a child.  Well, it just so happens that I have a famous recess story, and by “famous” I mean “I’ve told it so many times … Continue reading

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Imminent Explosion

The following is my first attempt at fiction in over ten years.  My fiction muscles are a little flabby, but I think of this as my first workout. I dedicate this post to:  J.J. Punch, C-Drizzle, Shaq Diesel, The Pregnant … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Amos

There was once a Bichon frise named Amos who had a little brother named Andy.  They did everything together, and Andy adored his big brother.  Amos and Andy loved going to see all their friends at the animal eye doctor’s … Continue reading

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Interview With My Seh-elf

Now that Billy Idol is spinning on all of our brain turntables, (you’re welcome) I will bring you today’s PoeWar writing prompt. “Write an interview with yourself. Do it in the style of an appropriate (or inappropriate) publication such as Time, People, Rolling … Continue reading

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Come Into My Bedroom

Sorry, no, I will not couchez avec vous, but I will present today’s PoeWar writing prompt:  Write a 300-word description of your bedroom. Think about the items you have or the other elements of your room that give the best clues about who … Continue reading

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I Don’t Watch TV, But I’m Not Aggressive About It

Normally when you hear someone say, “I don’t watch TV,” or “I don’t even have a TV,”  they deliver it with a subtext, and I exist on a plane of consciousness that you will never understand.  In a way I understand … Continue reading

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