Ten People I Know

Even though I am rebelling against it on the inside (as I do in the execution of any kind of  structure), I have committed myself to a series of writing exercises which I found on the PoeWar website.  I want to challenge myself as a writer to attempt things outside of my comfort zones, and this seemed like a good start.  Today’s prompt is to pick ten people that I know and write a one sentence description of each, highlighting what is unique and noteworthy about them,  This will be challenging for me to keep the descriptions to one sentence, and I can hear my inner rebel trying to find a loophole.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

1.  Betsy:  Betsy shows her incredible strength by daily facing someone who broke her heart then rubbed her face in it, working hard every day, and offering unflinching support without question.

2.  Carley:  Carley had the courage and lady-balls to liberate herself from an abusive situation,  and now she demands from life the respect that she deserves.

3.  Turducken:  Terducken is a deeply insightful and loyal writer, husband, son, and bicycle enthusiast who treasures the art of storytelling above all else.

4. Jack:  Jack is a dedicated, passionate writer and mother who gave up the safety of her day job to pursue her dream of being a professional food writer.

5. Mary Sue:  Mary Sue is someone who can see a need in a community and not only figure out how to meet it, but find the means necessary to improve the entire system.

6: Amelia:  Amelia has a heart big enough to foster rescue dogs, and has dedicated her life to serving her church and community as a self-proclaimed Church Nerd.

7. Abigail: Abigail’s life experiences have made her tough, smart, and strong, and she uses her many strengths to protect her community as a police officer.

8. Dwayne Benjamin:  Dwayne is an outspoken Christian and closet misogynist who cannot admit to himself or anyone else that he has ever made a mistake.

9. Keeler:  Keeler has dealt with more health complications in his life than most of us can imagine, but he has a tenacious spirit which enabled him to raise three well adjusted children by himself.

10. Ruby:  Ruby is a Finnish lady with a Chicago accent who is smart enough to be sought out by MIT, a strength that helps her as she raises her gifted 10 year old daughter.

That was, indeed, challenging.  At first I thought of it like a hostess introducing her guests to each other: “This is Bob, he’s an architect with an artificial leg…discuss,” then I’d move on to the next guests.  It turns out that I had to dig a lot deeper to put into words, within one sentence, the essence of who these people are to me.  Thanks for the prompt, John Hewitt!

Here is my prompt for next time: Record five minutes of a talk radio show. Write down the dialog and add narrative descriptions of the speakers and actions as if you were writing a scene.  Sounds like fun!


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