I Have to Use My Words

I feel like a fraud when I consciously call myself a writer.  The feeling may be justified, too, since I currently spending less time writing than doing other things like working, sleeping, eating, or, say, pooping.  On the other hand, I do spend more time thinking about writing than about pooping.  I can’t call myself a writer without giggling until I have readers.  After all, what is a writer without any readers?  Just a person scribbling on paper.  Two year olds and mental patients do that too.  Before I have readers, though, I actually have to write things for people to read.

I love writing, especially personal memoir stories and fiction short stories, and I feel like I have potential to, with practice, make a small something of myself as a writer.  I am just having a hard time finding a place to start.  I tell myself that the first step is to simply stop making excuses start writing.  After all, I can’t have readers when there is nothing to read.  That’s a good theory, and it’s ultimately my goal, but it turns out that I need a little more structure than that.  So I’m going to do some daily writing exercises, starting with this list I found by Googling “writing exercises.”  I’m going to stay away from “Meme” type posts (though I love them for narcissistic reasons), and though that’s what I thought of when I read the list, the Poe website list will be a fun structure in which to get the ball rolling.  I have to start somewhere, right?

Do any writers out there have suggestions of starting places, or a framework for writing practice?  I am interested in what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

Tomorrow I will pick ten people I know, and compose a one sentence description of them.  They will all have fake names, but my goal is to make you want to meet them.  Tonight, I’m going to go think about pooping until I fall asleep.


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I write because I have to
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