In Stephen King’s ON WRITING, he says that the scariest part about writing is the moment just before you do it.  He is right, a blank page can be intimidating, making you want to throw the page (or laptop) across the room and put it off for another time.  Well, I have reached that “other time,” and thank god I started before I threw the laptop.  It’s brand new.  This blog is going to be a sounding board for all of the different things I want writing to be in my life.  I want to see what happens when I go from being a full time 9-5 office employee who sporadically keeps a blog to being a Writer with a day job.  I want to write short stories, memoirs, a teen novel or two, maybe even a screenplay.  I may become a Writer With a Day Job, submit a thousand stories to a hundred publishers, and get two personalized rejection letters out of it, and I will have fulfilled my dream.

So on this blog I may post drafts of stories, ideas for stories, emotional ranting about the ways our society is crumbling just so that I don’t have to think about the story I’m writing.  I may solicit advice or inspiration from you, readers, if I am stuck.  I always welcome feedback.  To avoid endless spam comments, I have set the site to hold a comment until I can be sure it’s not a robot trying to sell me discounted Gucci handbags, so do not be put off if your comment does not appear right away.

I am currently working on a short story idea that I am submitting to a local editor who is looking to publish an anthology.  Kind of a discover local writers (or wannabes?) kind of thing.  I will submit my story in January, which means that at some point I will have to start on it.  Maybe tomorrow I will start on an outline.

Thank you for visiting this blog!  Tell your friends!


About Allison Anarchy

I write because I have to
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  1. complicitgrace says:

    LOL….admit it you really are lusting over that Gucci handbag….sorry I couldn’t resist.

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